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Send ✉ for an 2 AM text

{Text - Teresa}: Hey, wanna sneak out and do something fun?

{Text - Pietro}: damn q its 2am…. only if its something worth it.


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its awesome you know all this stuff. ants are so crazy arent there like ants that capture ants from other colonies and make them work for them what even are ants jesus

have you ever seen an ant vortex? basically what happens is ants lose the scent of its scouts and just keep walking and walking and following scents it knows and the entire colony ends up swirling in a circle until they die. 

I HAVE!!!! it’s terrifying. i used to go camping with a bunch a jews out in this one neck of the woods a lot that had a ton of GIANT anthills, we used to bring the youngest kids with us to the largest of them and tell them we needed small children as a human sacrifice to satisfy the ant queen. 




what animal will tell its young stories about particular humans- what they did, what they looked like, where they live… and these stories will be passed down generation after generation? so that eventually there are hundreds of animals that hate or admire that human? 

crows/ravens probably do this and that’s probably why they’re almost universally associated with memory, prophesy, vision, and storytelling

YEP!!! so dont ever be mean to a crow or a raven… they will tell stories about you and describe you and there will be crows that grow up watching out for you. 

that is so damn cool. i want like a graphic novel all about crows/ravens… teaching other crows/ravens… wow


Colour practice only. 


Colour practice only. 


Hi everybody~ 

I’m opening commissions again because my student loans are kicking my butt~

You’ll need Paypal (when you transfer the money you click “sending money to families and friends” so there wont be a fee for the transaction)

I’ll draw most things. (except gore, rape, violence etc.)

I’ll be opening a couple of slots for those who are interested~

If you are interested please send me an email at: furan@live.com

And please include the following information:



Paypal Email:

Commission Type: Chibi / Half Body / Full Body

Lineart or Colored:

Character Name(s) and Source:

Character Look and Personality:(Please make this as brief as possible. Use descriptive words. No full backstories please. Less than one paragraph.)


After everything is settled you can send your payment to my paypal (furan@live.com) and you’ll get a rough draft and after its approved by you you’ll get your lovely commission~ nwn~


If you have any questions there’s more information under the cut:

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If I get 10 “voice”s, I (the mun) will record myself voice acting the character I roleplay/ singing.



If I get 10 “voice”s, I (the mun) will record myself voice acting the character I roleplay/ singing.



If I get 10 “voice”s, I (the mun) will record myself voice acting the character I roleplay/ singing.


If I get 10 “voice”s, I (the mun) will record myself voice acting the character I roleplay.

a bunch of people are doing these so i guess i will too~

i could do some femme!tahno or sing a quick song, choice is up to you guys (if anyone actually wants to hear haha:3)


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